Milk Is Best For Weight Lose

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Denmark: according to a new study proves the weight and, consequently, reduce the milk in keloryazke emissions, the study, Danish researchers have. The concept of a good diet, but Dr. 1960 Atkins, there diet low in proteins, which introduced the concept of a good diet, followed by chicken and fish food like Americans subscribe to the project. Then in 1990, "milk mustache" campaign began, that aims to tell that foods rich in calcium and milk protein. The fast start campaign with milk and cheese and yogurt, and so turn the children of ashiaayani. Then with the passing of time, the debate over the children of products planned and milk today. After various research that there are two types of milk protein (Whey) and the second Highway, a name associated with the kisan. 80% of the protein found in milk, kisan, and digestive system to slow food, which is why the use of milk with other food to fill the skin feeling. The Danish researchers have taken a lead in this research so that the effects of milk to go further in a right way. Researchers have 17 people between the ages of 18 and 50 years of age as part of their research for a week three days on them given the diverse types. On the day of the inspection, all the people in a State of hunger, bread, butter, jam and juice or double according to the desire to drink milk. Four hours later they were in front of the surprising results when inspection experts. According to the results in your weight control helps not only milk but also to use it as part of a healthy diet.

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