Mysterious signals from space, scientists Are Wonder

Boston: are we alone in this world or any other creature on the planet and also a remote? This question has for centuries scientists have received a mysterious signal to the guilt that many scientists doubt that it went through another attempt to connect with us, God's creation, the planet. Recently, scientists once again for the advancement of science "radio brists (FRB) has received a signal from the experts" who think that any space beings, we need to send a message. FR b signal for the first time in 2007 received on radio era بینوں and now again when their signals to a monstrous radiodsh in Puerto Rico, but the signals are coming from where some astronomers still don't know about it. Experts say that more research is needed to find out the reality of these signals yet.

Cancer Diagnosis Through Science

Mexico: Think! If the fingerprint (mark fingers) this can tell you what, why don't tell بریتھ print (through ID) within the body system hows it going? A new study, it was discovered that through cancer diagnosis. A Mexico-based doctors involved in the past two decades and is the inventor of the Red Duke research through internal performance are attempting to test the human body. New research presented by Dr. Red says "the majority of people believe that it is only your lungs breathe but research we have, because your body is also present in the blood, which they must and cannot be tested via blood breath. Lung cancer, استمھا, liver and heart diseases can be assessed through. " Dr. Harry maintain that "breathing in check machines have become and also stepped through the traditional blood tests such as the test altogether. But it is better than traditional tests, the test because the test can be done easily through breathing correctly while ncat is no more secure according to your breasts can have. "

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Milk Is Best For Weight Lose

milk pic
Denmark: according to a new study proves the weight and, consequently, reduce the milk in keloryazke emissions, the study, Danish researchers have. The concept of a good diet, but Dr. 1960 Atkins, there diet low in proteins, which introduced the concept of a good diet, followed by chicken and fish food like Americans subscribe to the project. Then in 1990, "milk mustache" campaign began, that aims to tell that foods rich in calcium and milk protein. The fast start campaign with milk and cheese and yogurt, and so turn the children of ashiaayani. Then with the passing of time, the debate over the children of products planned and milk today. After various research that there are two types of milk protein (Whey) and the second Highway, a name associated with the kisan. 80% of the protein found in milk, kisan, and digestive system to slow food, which is why the use of milk with other food to fill the skin feeling. The Danish researchers have taken a lead in this research so that the effects of milk to go further in a right way. Researchers have 17 people between the ages of 18 and 50 years of age as part of their research for a week three days on them given the diverse types. On the day of the inspection, all the people in a State of hunger, bread, butter, jam and juice or double according to the desire to drink milk. Four hours later they were in front of the surprising results when inspection experts. According to the results in your weight control helps not only milk but also to use it as part of a healthy diet.

Cloth Will Be Also Download

cloth pic
The New York State-of-the art technology has been surprisingly easy, and the time period that you want when you appear before pressing a button. An important development in this regard is the invention of a printer when you travel with him, so it's taken several pairs of clothes free from bother. Finland's 3D printing specialist Jean Cannon's happening, you dress in a printer how to print the 3D design. You design and then even if you are anywhere in the world just by using this printer when you print the picture, even if it is not selected and your dress will be that you will be able to wear haqqe clothing. In the gallery there is an exhibition in clothing, bags and even shoes were also presented which you can print from anywhere using this technology, if you have a special printer which is used for this purpose.

MackUp Will Be Also 3D

3d mackup
Boston, to make-up your mind, such as the color of the powder or color lipsticks but does it can be available to you? It is a difficult task, but in reality there are hundreds of colors in the image because you do so where the powder colors come from? America's Harvard University business school student invented a printer that Greece Choi all over the world will provide you with color make-up pradickt grip. Powder of different colors to create the printer currently has been invented. Use the named printer ink mank. You select the color from any picture on the Internet. BinHex header color code color can't get through. In the new document, paste the photo shop or Microsoft Paint coat, you may want to print the color will come in front of which you want to print it on your printer has now mank jeay. Choi had to demonstrate that small pieces of color from color and get their hands on with.